Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Custom Print T-Shirts NYC: Apparel Screen Printing, For the Sports Fan to the Business Man!

Custom Printed T Shirts NYC:
Branding events can be a fun way to set a festive mood and create business loyalty. There is no better way to brand companies or events than to have custom made apparel for your event to hand out to customers, clients and employees. From special events to Corporate Picnics, custom apparel will give participants a memorable item that can be worn long after the event is over.

However, custom apparel isn't just about custom printed t-shirts. Business apparel and work uniforms are also important areas where custom screen-printing is utilized. If you live in the Tri-state, New York / New Jersey area A Pro Image can provide you with high quality screen printed Logos or images that will give your business or special event a branded touch and feel.
Though t-shirts are one of the most traditional apparel items used for custom screen printing, many other clothing items are utilized in terms of custom printed apparel. A Pro Image's selection of Hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets are great choices for custom screen printed apparel in the NY, NJ Tri state area because of its cold fall and winters. If you print a t-shirt for a December event, chances are that it will be covered with a jacket during the entire event. By printing a jacket, you will ensure your image is visible throughout the event, no matter how cold it is. For indoor events, long sleeved shirts are a good choice.

Events that have a more formal edge, such as business meetings, retreats and conventions, branding a polo shirt ether by embroidery or using the screen printed method by www.123 reproduces a corporations image to the fullest. Businesses pref er polo shirts to t - shirts because they have a more professional appearance due to the collar and feel of the garment. can create the perfect customized polo shirt for your business or event using either your companies logo or custom design based on your needs.
Other apparel items that can be branded with custom screen-printing are baseball caps. Baseball caps are great for planned outdoor events such as company picnics, races, walks, and family reunions. They can be worn by both men and women and are one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about getting everyone's size before hand. Baseball caps also make great gifts for valued clients and customers. Everyone appreciates a baseball cap for sunny days, and your logo will be prominently displayed giving you the added benefit of free advertisement.

A Pro Image has an extensive line of promotional products and apparel, just waiting to be customized to your specifications. the perfect item can be branded with your corporate logo or personal artwork. Though t-shirts are still one of the most popular items to be branded, you can choose the item that works best for your event or business. From the sports man to the businessman, A Pro Image has something for everyone, available in the NYC area.


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