Friday, July 30, 2010

Personalized T-Shirts, Let Your Mojo Show!

There are many reasons for creating Personalized T-Shirts NYC. Whether you are planning a family reunion or want to create a personalized t-shirt as a memorable gift for someone special, you will want to ensure that the artwork is in a format that can be easily transferred to the t-shirt through the appropriate medium. You may have a design already, or you may want one created for you. Here are some of the most common questions that people have in regards to creating Personalized T-Shirts NYC.

How do I get my artwork to the t-shirt company? For people who use design programs, creating personalized t-shirt designs can be a simple process. Once the design has been created, it can be saved in a format such as JPEG, PDF or Tiff. The resolution will need to be set in accordance with the specific recommendations of the company you are using to print your personalized t-shirts, but generally
resolution should be at least 150ppi for t-shirts. Save your image onto a disc and give it to the company to get your personalized t-shirts made.

My artwork needs some "touch-up." Is there a charge for that? Most of the time “touch-ups” on artwork will be done free-of-charge by the personalized t-shirt production company. For example, a common issue is a white box around the design, or a white background. This is an easy fix and should be easily fixed by the production company. Other “touch-up” issues should be discussed with the production company when you place your order to ensure your personalized t-shirt design comes out the way you want it to.

I don’t have a design. Is there a charge to make a design for me? Different production companies charge for designs depending on the complexity of the artwork you wish produced. Many companies have stock images that can be easily put into a design for no charge. However, more complex or complicated artwork images that take longer to create may come at an extra charge to you. Discuss your needs with the sales assistant at the production company when you place your order to find out if there will be a charge for the artwork you want for your personalized t-shirts.

I have several designs, do they all add up as 1 order? There are many ways in which to order personalized t-shirts. Minimum orders are just twelve at a time, or you can order them in bulk. It is no to have personalized t - shirts made with various designs. The price per shirt will usually decrease once you order a certain number of shirts. For example, there is usually a price break once you have ordered 50 shirts at a time. Each production company is unique in its policy, so ask your sales representative to give you the price breakdown to determine how many shirts you want to print up at one time for the best price. problem

Custom Printed T Shirts, Choosing the Right Method

Starting a t-shirt design business can be a rewarding, fun, and profitable endeavor. Designing custom printed t-shirts NYC can allow you to be creative in your business venture and that makes it especially appealing to those with an artistic nature. You don't have to be an expert in order to get started designing custom print t-shirts. Learning the techniques of custom print t-shirt design and application is fairly simple and straightforward. There are three basic techniques of t-shirt printing, and choosing the right one depends on your business strategy and what kinds of custom print t-shirts you will be designing. Here is a run down of the three techniques most commonly used to create custom printed t- shirts NJ.

Heat Transfer. This is the simplest method for creating custom print t-shirts. Since it requires the least amount of equipment to produce, it is a good choice for small businesses that are only looking to create a small batch of custom print t-shirts at a time. Heat transfer uses and existing photo or design and transfers it to the t-shirt using a heat source, such as an iron.

Some things to consider when using heat transfer are that the design does have a tendency to crack over time. Also, this technique is best for use on white t-shirts, since heat transfer to colored shirts can end up causing the original colors of the design to become muddled with the color of the t-shirt.

Vinyl Transfers. Vinyl transfers are a good choice for creating custom print t-shirts that are colors other than white. This method is not suitable for mass production since it can be expensive, however, the quality is very high. Designers use a vinyl cutter to cut out a logo or design from a sheet of vinyl and then attach it to the t-shirt using heat transfer. The result is a high quality custom print t-shirt. Colors can be layered for a dramatic contrasting effect, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind custom print

Sublimation Printing. The technique of sublimation printing for producing custom print t-shirts is a fairly new method that employs a computer and a sublimation printer to produce a logo or design. The design is then applied to a t-shirt using a heat press. Custom print t-shirts produced via sublimation printing do not have the same feel as those produced by heat transfer since the ink is applied below the surface of the t-shirt. This also reduces the incidence of cracking. One potential drawback of this
method is that sublimation printing works best when used on synthetic fabrics so consider the types of t-shirts you will be designing to see if this method would work for your custom print t-shirt design business.

Choosing the right method by which to produce custom print t-shirts for your t-shirt design business is important. Take the time to research your market and decide which type of equipment will be the best
investment for your targeted clientele. Also consider your personal strengths, and choose the method that will allow you to produce the highest quality custom print t-shirts. This will ensure that your business venture is not only successful but is enjoyable as well.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Custom Print T-Shirts NYC: Apparel Screen Printing, For the Sports Fan to the Business Man!

Custom Printed T Shirts NYC:
Branding events can be a fun way to set a festive mood and create business loyalty. There is no better way to brand companies or events than to have custom made apparel for your event to hand out to customers, clients and employees. From special events to Corporate Picnics, custom apparel will give participants a memorable item that can be worn long after the event is over.

However, custom apparel isn't just about custom printed t-shirts. Business apparel and work uniforms are also important areas where custom screen-printing is utilized. If you live in the Tri-state, New York / New Jersey area A Pro Image can provide you with high quality screen printed Logos or images that will give your business or special event a branded touch and feel.
Though t-shirts are one of the most traditional apparel items used for custom screen printing, many other clothing items are utilized in terms of custom printed apparel. A Pro Image's selection of Hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets are great choices for custom screen printed apparel in the NY, NJ Tri state area because of its cold fall and winters. If you print a t-shirt for a December event, chances are that it will be covered with a jacket during the entire event. By printing a jacket, you will ensure your image is visible throughout the event, no matter how cold it is. For indoor events, long sleeved shirts are a good choice.

Events that have a more formal edge, such as business meetings, retreats and conventions, branding a polo shirt ether by embroidery or using the screen printed method by www.123 reproduces a corporations image to the fullest. Businesses pref er polo shirts to t - shirts because they have a more professional appearance due to the collar and feel of the garment. can create the perfect customized polo shirt for your business or event using either your companies logo or custom design based on your needs.
Other apparel items that can be branded with custom screen-printing are baseball caps. Baseball caps are great for planned outdoor events such as company picnics, races, walks, and family reunions. They can be worn by both men and women and are one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about getting everyone's size before hand. Baseball caps also make great gifts for valued clients and customers. Everyone appreciates a baseball cap for sunny days, and your logo will be prominently displayed giving you the added benefit of free advertisement.

A Pro Image has an extensive line of promotional products and apparel, just waiting to be customized to your specifications. the perfect item can be branded with your corporate logo or personal artwork. Though t-shirts are still one of the most popular items to be branded, you can choose the item that works best for your event or business. From the sports man to the businessman, A Pro Image has something for everyone, available in the NYC area.