Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ready for Tailgating? Screen Printing NYC Items to Excite your Booster Group

One of the best ways to encourage more attendance and more loyalty is to use the screen printing NYC services available to you. From businesses to sports teams themselves, there are various tools available to help promote clubs. You may be looking for a way to promote your athletic team or your band. You may be looking for gear to help support your schools. These are all options available to you from top companies such as A Pro Image.

As you plan for your next event, or for the start of the season, consider the options available to you. Moreover, look for a screen printing NYC company that can meet your demands and needs. This often includes ensuring the company produces the type of gear you are interested in. Here are some items that can help with promotion in your booster group.

• Consider T-shirts for the football team. Not only does the team need gear, but also so do those who are supporting the team. This includes parents, other students and even members of the community that provide financial support to the team. Sell or give them away as a way of promoting your team.

• Consider baseball hats for your team and other sponsors. These hats are not just for baseball either. Football teams, basketball teams and even the band can easily sport these caps and help to promote your message to those who see it.

• Consider athletic jackets. This is one of the best ways to raise funds for your booster group with specialized targeting for the team players. Players like to wear these jackets with their name on them and any special customized message on them. Use them to support sports or to work as a way to promote the band.

• Support the team with umbrellas and lawn chairs with your promotional message on them, or your team, school or business name. Parents and other supporters of the team, especially in sport’s cities, often seek out these items.

• Consider other athletic sports gear including whistles, key chains, pens and other items. These items are smaller and less expensive, but they still offer the same positive impression. Consider the options available through screen printing NY C companies.

• Do not forget the teachers, couches and adult volunteers. These people like to promote and back up the booster's clubs, too. Consider polo shirts with a printed customization on them. This is an easy way to offer something more formal to those who want to look great while supporting their booster group.

Sports are an important part of any city's culture. With the right gear from a screen printing NYC company, you will be well on your way to promoting your booster group and helping to support the team in various ways. These types of items work great as items to sell to fans, groups and team members as a way to raise funds for the organization. On the other hand, just handing them out with a business logo on them can help promote your business, too.

Fall Groups Need Fall Fashion - Custom Screen Printing NYC Options for Cool Times

As fall starts, it becomes time to think about all of your needs in screen printing NYC. Many people and businesses will turn to custom printing during the spring and summer months it is just as valuable if not more so, to focus on fall attire as well. T-shirts, for example, are not readily worn during the fall and winter months. Even into the springtime, fall attire is still worn. By investing in the right gear now, you and your business can easily benefit from the promotional message year round.

Promoting Your Company or Needs in the Fall

During the fall season and beyond, it is important to have the right types of clothing and promotional gear on hand. Custom screen printing NYC companies can often meet this need by offering items that may work better during the fall season. Best of all, you can still promote your company's message or your special customized message. Here are some items to consider for your next promotional campaign or fall gear.

• A popular and inexpensive option is a long sleeve T shirt. This type of shirt offers the warmth necessary for the cooler months but it still allows an image to be displayed easily. And, because of the material, it is still affordable for bulk production.

• Long sleeve sweatshirts are an even better product. For those who will be distributing merchandise at sporting events or to a younger audience, consider purchasing the custom screen printing NYC companies offer on sweatshirts.

• Hoodies are perhaps one of the most popular choices for the younger generation. However, they work well for any promotional event. A warm hoodie can be worn throughout the fall, winter and spring months. It is likely to receive a significant amount of wear, too. This means more opportunities for people to see your customization.

• Baseball caps can also work well as a tool for fall promotional gear. Wearing a cap is almost a necessity to stay warm. With a customized design, baseball caps can become one of the best solutions for an affordable promotional item that is affordable.

Other items that may be available include outerwear, such as jackets. In the business environment, having a suit jacket customized with a company logo is another must have accessory for the fall season. Your employees can look sharp wearing this jacket, rather than covering up the company's logo with an overcoat.

For a business looking for promotional items, keep in mind that much of the year, longer sleeves and warmer clothing will work best in northern regions. Even in the south, it becomes valuable to have this warmer clothing throughout the fall and winter months.

Select a company that can provide you with the type of clothing appropriate for your next campaign. Some of the best screen printing NYC companies can accommodate these and other needs. Your fall lineup of products can look great and still provide the customization and promotional elements you need them to.

Need Custom Printed T Shirts New York? What To Look For

When buying custom printed T shirts New York companies offer, there are several things to look for. You could invest in a product that is off the shelf, but it will not have your needed customization. Some companies and individuals are leery to purchase customized products for fear of a high price tag. However, some companies go above and beyond to provide you with an affordable price for any of the products you need.

What To Look For In A Company

When you are looking for Custom Printed T Shirts NYC companies provide, focus in on what they are selling to you. Each company is unique in what it offers, but it goes without saying that not all companies are going to provide you with the best product at the right price. The following are a few ways you will know the product offered is the best out there.

• Ask for a quote. Before you purchase anything, request a free quote from the company. This gives you all the information you need to make a decision about the product and service. In many situations, you will know right off the bat that the company's price is within your budget needs.

• Determine if custom printing costs more. Some companies charge a higher fee for customization than others do. When selecting a company, price is important. However, if the company does not offer the customization you need within your budget, the product is not worthwhile to you.

• Satisfaction needs to be a priority. Find out what the company's policy is in regards to your satisfaction. The best companies to buy from will offer you a 100 percent guarantee. This allows you to feel confident in the product the company is offering you. A company that cannot stand behind its product is not one you should work with.

In addition to these features, realize that the custom printed T shirt New York design and logo is just one of the products the company offers. Find out what the cost of the T shirt is, as well as the type of shirt it is (thickness and material do matter.) You may want to consider polos, jerseys or even jackets to match, depending on the need you have, pricing for these other products will range based on what the product is and the amount of customization necessary.

A company that can offer all of these benefits and still offer competitive pricing is one to work with. Some companies do meet the goals and needs that you have. You just have to find the right one to work with.

Shop for a company that offers the specific type of product you need, including the Custom Printed T Shirts NYC logo or design you are after. Companies like A Pro Image will go out of their way to ensure you have the satisfaction you need in a product. Do not settle for any company that cannot promise you that level of satisfaction.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom T Shirts NYC vs. “The Grim Reaper”

We are all familiar with the myth of the Grim Reaper. But, did you know that he actually exists in the business world? The Grim Reaper is, in fact, the destroyer of businesses. His presence is mainly felt though the lack of organizational skills, poor company image and the surrounding aura of defeat.

My name is Steve Nicholson, founder and president of A Pro Image, a full factory, screen-printing facility based out of the New York, New Jersey area. We provide Custom printed t-shirts and promotional products direct to the industry and general public.

Over the years, I have experienced the realities of the business world. At the age of 14, I was a part-time stock boy for a sporting goods store, that had locations in the NYC / NJ Tri state area. By the time I reached 23 years old, I became the vice president and manager in charge of operations for this company.

My promotion was based largely on my efforts in increasing annual sales at the base location, from $250,000 to more than $1.3 million in a three years period acting as floor manager and purchaser for the two separate divisions of the company. Granted, these are small numbers by today's standards; but the result speaks for it's self. Over the past 25 years I have turned various business and entities into profit making ventures.

During this segment I will be commenting on our mutual enemy: the Grim Reaper. Here are three key questions you need to address regarding this issue:

1. Do your employees arbitrarily wear anything they want to work?
2. Can the customer in a crowded environment determine at a quick glance your sales staff from the customers in your place of business?
3. Do your sales people close 85% of their potential sales?

T Shirt Printing New York:
One of the most important roles a sales person or employee has, is in representing the company. Providing them with clean professional attire with the company name or logo is often over looked, especially with some small business. Custom printed t shirts or embroidery in most cases is the way to go. Creating what I have coined, the walking billboard effect. If you think this is a joke, than the Grim Reaper has already gotten you and the only one laughing is going to be your competition, skipping his way to the bank.

Lets talk numbers, suppose youʼre starting your peak season where most of the money will be made. You have 25 customers in store or shop with perhaps 5 employees answering questions or writing up sales. Lets break it down this way. Three of the employees are young and just starting out, maybe early twenties. The male always wanted to be a rock roll star so he wears a Rolling Stones t-shirt because he loves the Stones. A young lady wears a shirt or sweater with images of cats all over it because she has seven cats named after the seven dwarfs and so on, get the picture? None of which is relevant to your needs as the manager or business owner.

Now back to the customer, if he or she perceives that there is only one or two employees on hand their thinking is that the ratio is or 25-2. The Customers lose interest AND JUST WALKS OUT, END OF STORY. Lost sales, plain and simply. If the customers were there to see the five uniformed employees addressing the situation they would be more inclined in thinking that they have come to the right place.

In conclusion, you may say to your self this means nothing to me because we have shirt or promotional accessories. Wrong answer, you have to say to yourself do we the right apparel, is the color pleasing to the eye are the customers getting the right message, is our logo or reproduction of our logo the best that it could be? Is the service and quality cost effect for our needs? Do the employees have a clean or fresh shirt for every day wear? Or are they wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row because they only do wash once a week or only the weekends?

If I have touched base on anything that could be of help, please let me know. Visit our website at, where we take the above mentioned very seriously.

Good luck, Stevens George Nicholson

Custom Printed T Shirts NYC for Motorcycle Riders

Customized t-shirts are a great way to promote a business or group in a fun and colorful way. They are also great for celebrating special events such as school and family reunions, musical concerts, and group trips. A custom printed t shirts NYC company can help you design a shirt that will be unique and good looking. All kinds of organizations use personalized shirts including sororities and fraternities, sport teams and boosters, and specialized clubs. Even motorcycle clubs are getting customized t-shirts to promote their groups and rides.

Motorcycle riders are often portrayed as loners in popular culture, a single rider going down the highway. However many motorcycle riders like to form biker clubs and ride in groups. The groups will plan special events and go on long and short trips together. A custom t-shirt is a great way to celebrate and remember these trips and events. They are also very practical as a good quality t-shirt is a necessary item to keep comfortable on long bike rides. Many of these groups turn to a custom printed t-shirts NYC company when they want to create a t-shirt for a special ride or event.

T-shirts have helped to promote motorcycle riding and the motorcycle industry almost since the first bikes were made. The lightweight t-shirt is a comfortable item to wear alone or under the leather jackets popular with riders. Motorcycle companies realized how printed t-shirts customized with their brand could promote their product throughout the world to people of all ages. Many riders wore a motorcycle shirt years before they were old enough to ride. Successful custom printed t-shirts NYC companies have been creating high-quality motorcycle shirts for generations.

One of the most important choices of a biker is the model of the motorcycle. The most popular brand is likely Harley Davidson which has been around for many years. Most Harley riders will be faithful to a particular model, and they also like to collect as many Harley t-shirts as they can. While there are Harley shirts available in other stores, many biker groups like to have their own unique design to set themselves apart from others. This is a good way to identify your group when attending large national events that can draw many thousands of riders. Many clubs will have a custom printed t-shirts NYC company create a new shirt for every trip or event.

While some motorcycle clubs are local other clubs have members all over the nation and the world. When you have members in many different locations you may want to create one shirt design for the whole organization. This was difficult in the past when small, local printing presses were unable to handle large international orders. Large companies that could handle the order might only offer a few limited designs. However automated textile printing machines can work with computers to create truly unique designs and online e-commerce customer service can deliver the products to just about any location. A motorcycle club can use a custom printed t shirts NYC company to create a special shirt that can be sent to club members all over the world.

Every biker will have at least one comfortable t-shirt to wear as they ride the highway. Customized t-shirts are a great way to celebrate their lifestyle and remember special trips and events.

Customized Sweatshirts NYC, Just in Time For Fall

Customized clothes and other gear are a great way to promote a business or create a special identity for a group or organization. Many sport teams and clubs have a variety of t-shirts and hats that their members can wear to play in or to casual events. There are also some classier styles that are perfect for school and other occasions. As the summer starts to ebb away, the cool winds of autumn will soon be upon us. This is a great time to plan and create custom sweatshirts for your team or organization. A customized sweatshirts NYC company can help you design cool weather gear to keep your group warm through fall and winter.

Pro sport team jerseys and hooded sweatshirts are some of the most popular clothing items today. People are more casual and want to wear clothes that are comfortable and look good. Many local sport groups and school teams are also creating customized sweatshirts for their fans and supporters to wear. These are especially nice when you are watching a football game on a chilly October night. A team or booster group can work with a custom sweatshirts NYC printing company to create a one of a kind shirt to celebrate a special game such as Homecoming or a playoff match. These items not only look good but can be a great fundraising project.

Other school groups are also working with printing companies to create specialized t-shirts and sweatshirts. Marching band members will appreciate a warm personalized sweatshirt as they practice routines outside in the cold early morning. Just about every type of club from drama, to drill members, to the debate team will want their own unique sweatshirts to wear to class and around campus. A good custom sweatshirts NYC company will work with each group to create the best designs in any school color.

Customized t-shirts and sweatshirts are also very popular with college students and their parents. In addition to sport teams, most universities have numerous clubs and organizations. Almost every group will want gear that celebrates their organization and to be a lasting souvenir of their time in school. Any group, from the largest fraternities and sororities to the smallest campus organization, can work with a custom sweatshirts NYC company to create a high quality shirt that will be enjoyed today and for many years to come.

In the past it was harder to create customized sweatshirts for smaller groups. Most printing companies used manual printing processes which were time consuming and could be expensive. Manual printing can also limit the range of design and can affect the quality of the finished product. Today a custom sweatshirts NYC company will use automated textile printing machines which are much faster and can produce shirts with consistently high quality. This is important when you want to match school colors. The company will also have professional artists to help design your sweatshirt using their state of the art Macintosh computers and graphic design software.

Autumn will soon be here with its cooler days and chilly nights. Now is the time to design and order customized sweatshirts for your team, group, or organization.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Automatic Textile Printing vs. Manual for T Shirt Printing

T Shirt printing NYC and other wear are effective and affordable marketing tools for businesses and organizations of all sizes. A unique message and contact information on a shirt advertises your company or group to countless new markets and potential customers every day. Many people launching a new business look for a T-Shirt printing New York company to help them get their name out in their market. To get noticed you want to make sure the t-shirts are great to look at and easy to read. You want to work with a printing company that is professional and provides high quality products and fills orders fast.

Today that means talented and creative artists using the latest software and Macintosh computers to help you design great t-shirts and other marketing products. It also means a printing company that uses an automatic textile printing machine so your order will be completed fast and accurately. An advertising campaign using traditional media can be expensive and take months to develop, and might not reach your market. A business or organization can use a T Shirt printing NYC company to create thousands of high quality shirts and have them out on the street in a short amount of time. Your spark of creative genius could be on shirts, hats, pens, and any number of marketing tools in just a few days reaching all kinds of potential customers.

T-shirt advertising is not a new idea and companies have been using them for decades. However in the past the shirts were printed manually. One drawback with the manual printing process is that is can be time consuming. A company might need weeks to complete an order and even longer if the printing company has a lot of orders to fill. Another drawback with the manual printing process is that the quality and color intensity may vary throughout the order. The creation of the automated textile printing machines made it possible to created thousands of custom T-shirts in a short period of time with consistent quality. A T-Shirt printing New York company can easily have your marketing products ready in just days.

Automated textile printing machines are also great at recreating the artwork on the product. In the past a graphic artist might design a logo that was hard to manually reproduce on a shirt or hat. This put limitations on the artist’s creativity and the marketing message. However the automated textile printing machines can be networked with a computer, so an artist can create their best design and have it accurately reproduced. A t-shirt printing New York company can quickly put out professionally designed promotional products that are works of art.

Businesses and groups need to promote themselves continuously if they hope to retain a strong presence in their markets and neighborhoods. Customized promotional products such as hats, shirts, pens, and key rings are a great way to advertise your company or group to a great number of people at an affordable cost. If you need to create high quality, professional marketing items fast you should look for a company that uses automated textile printing machines. A t shirt printing New York company can create great products for companies and groups all over the world.